Writing my second book!

In 2017 I decided to write my first book, “10 Minute Guide to Fundraising: Get Funding for your Startup” — it was received well, getting into the the bestsellers list on Amazon (albeit for a brief period). And to this day, the content remains relevant and people continue to send me notes saying how they found it helpful.

It was always my goal to create a “10 Minute Guide to…” series; and with this in mind, I’ve started drafting my next book “10 Minute Guide to AI-First Products”.

In summary, the book is aimed at Product Managers and CEOs who want to ship products that have artificial intelligence at their heart. We hear a lot of hype around AI products, but in reality very few companies & startups are shipping AI-first products; furthermore, there’s little to no documentation or guidance for PMs / CEOs on how shipping AI-First products differs from the typical agile approach taken by most.

With regard to timeframes, it will most likely take me 1-2 months to complete the first draft, then another couple of weeks of proofreading from close friends and family. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the progress. Also, if you’re in London, I’m going to be running a few workshops to support the launch.