Why ‘Notes’ could help your productivity and self-awareness

by Scott Taylor
24th April 2019
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Okay, so I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for experimenting with everything ‘self improvement’. I’m fascinated by what makes my body tick, and how I can attempt to be more productive. I’m a believer reaping the compound interest on a 1% gain each day.

With this in mind, I couldn’t help myself when Jack Dorsey gave insight into his self improvement habits. For me, he usually goes a little bit ‘too far’ on some of this stuff (e.g. a retreat where you don’t talk to anyone, nor have access to the internet, etc. for 10 days).

But still, I knew there’d be some good pointers.

The one that resonated with me was his use of the ‘Notes’ app on iPhone. I never actually took time to explore how much it has evolved from v1 of iOS.

And he’s right, because you’ve always got your phone on you — you’ve always got your notepad to be able to jot thoughts down as they come to you — raw and uninterrupted. The number of times I’ve thought of something, only then to say ‘I wish I had my notepad’…