Striving toward ‘inner peace’

by Scott Taylor
7th August 2018
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I saw this tweet this morning:

Although it’s pretty obvious in nature, it’s worthwhile reflecting upon every so often. 

Just look at the apps and nomenclature of the past year; apps like Calm and Headspace dominating the charts. People becoming increasingly interested in ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’. 

In an always on society, it seems like we’re starting to build quite the appetite to shut off, and withdraw from the endless scrolling on Instagram. Looking at the colour graded / photoshopped images that define ‘perfection’. 

I do think ‘inner peace’ is achievable for each and every person.  It’s about finding solace and contentment.

Not having huge expectations. e.g. disappointment is when expectations != reality. 

For me music, learning, trying my best, counting to ten, and reading help me move toward it.