Setting myself a challenge of writing daily

It’s been quiet here recently; apologies. That said the website doesn’t get a huge number of daily visitors, so I doubt anyone has noticed! 

Thinking back to the start of the year I really enjoyed writing daily on here. It made me think. It made me have to frame a story. Got the old grey matter ticking. 

I have about an hour spare in my morning routine, and I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to commit too. I thought about brushing up on my Python or Javascript skills; but, upon reflection — I’d love to bring my writing ability back up to where it used to be.

With that said, check back and see if I live up to my committment. I’m really not sure what topics I’ll cover — I’m going to try and branch out from my usual stuff on startups, investing, personal growth etc. However, I’m, sure there’ll be some of that until I get back in the flow.