10 Minute Guide to Fundraising

by Scott Taylor
23rd August 2017
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This guide is for founders who are looking to raise funding. It covers how to approach both Seed and Series A.

The advice is distilled from the past 10 years. Previously started and sold a bunch of startups, raising over $50m in funding, and assisting in $100m+ exits. As for specific roles, I was Chief Product Officer at Livedrive (exited to j2 Global), Chief Executive Officer at miDrive (raised $8m) and Chief Operating Officer at Zillion Commerce. I’m an advisor to London based venture capital firm EC1 Capital and Richard Branson’s Virgin Startup. Useful for founders and startups located anywhere.

Obviously there’s a 100% money back guarantee. Delivered by watermarked PDF immediately after purchase.


Some of the topics covered:
  1. Funding basics (why raise money, when to raise, how much to raise)
  2. Funding timelines (funding options; funding type — debt, equity, etc.)
  3. Benchmarking expectations
  4. Valuation
  5. Stacking the odds for successful investment
  6. The pitch and reaching out to your network
  7. Meeting investors
  8. Closing the deal
  9. Negotiations
  10. Legal & docs (US & UK specific; inc. term sheets)
  11. What’s next, and how to communicate with investors & board
  12. Glossary
  1. Brilliant! Bought it last night and read through it on the tube this morning. Smart, concise, actionable info. Thanks Scott!!

  2. Just finished reading the book. It’s extremely insightful and easy to read!

    When I started my business just over a year ago, I had tried researching this topic as I was clueless on how to raise money to build the platform for my business.

    Information was out there on the web but it seemed to be among a whole lot of noise or in a language that still didn’t seem to make much sense. So, I think this will be really helpful for others who aren’t so sure on how to go about fundraising.

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