Just published my first book!

by Scott Taylor
6th September 2017
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I would venture to guess that on a survey of bucket lists, publishing a book would rank in the top 10%, probably somewhere near running a marathon (which I am yet to do!). My bucket list was no different. I’ve always loved reading, writing, learning and consuming. And so, in July I set the goal of publishing a book within the next six months.

At the time I didn’t know anything about how to publish a book. I should also note, I set the expectation that it didn’t have to be a work of art, just my first foray into the writing world. I wasn’t going to use a ghostwriter (like so many people do these days) nor would I hire an editor.

My interests and experience dictated that I’d be writing about startups; I settled upon writing a series, the 10 Minute Guide series. A number of concise guides aimed at CEOs, Founders, Marketers, people just joining startups for the first time, and so on. My first one would be on fundraising, it’s something that I think most intimidates first time founders, and something that I genuinely think I could provide valuable advice on.

Thinking back to my essay days at university, I knew that I’d need to think of the overall arc of the narrative. Once that was completed, I could start to break it down into bitesize modules (or chapters). After the chapters were set I went through all of them and data dumped points / keywords that I’d want to cover. When I had a spare hour here and there, I’d jump into each of the chapters and just start writing. From start to finish the book probably took me around 7 days to complete, dedicating a few hours each day.

Why did I publish a book?

Beyond ticking something off my bucket list, I think Amazon is less competitive than pushing posts to a blog. I think it’s rife with opportunity in terms of people discovering your content, your story and tuning into you on other platforms. I think it provides a good base for authoritative content within a space, it helps you to start to build a brand.

I still believe audio video is the future

I posted a video on Youtube about this a few months ago. Video and audio are exploding right now. And it’s only going to get bigger. People are impatient and when they consume information – they want it to excite the senses, they want to see me talk about something on video rather than read a book about it. Plus it’s less effort – and most people seek out the path of least resistance. Thus whilst I’m honing my video skills and nailing down the approach and tactics I want to deploy over the next decade, I wanted to produce content somewhere beyond this website — and Amazon was just that. Plus, I’m sure Amazon aren’t going to sit still and let Youtube be the only player in user generated video content, so starting to build up a presence on their ecosystem can only be a good thing.

Excited for the next book

A post that proved popular on this blog was tips for grads who are about to join a startup. From that I built a plan for the next book in my 10 Minute Guide series – 10 Minute Guide to your First Startup Job. I’m hoping to push it live in the next couple of weeks.

Check out the book on Amazon, here.