I’ve been doing a lot of writing, just not on here!

by Scott Taylor
2nd September 2019
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Over the past few months I’ve had a bit of a creative spurt — by that I mean I’ve been increasingly getting back into writing, art, thinking of solutions to every day problems… the list goes on. 

It feels great. As someone who went through a year or so of burnout (after going ‘full tilt’ for the best part of a decade) I was afraid I’d never feel my ‘creative self’ again.

But bit-by-bit, I seem to be getting more and more intrigued by my old artistic outlays — e.g. strumming on my guitar, painting (both on my iPad and actual canvas), and of course writing! 

That leads me to here… I’ve left this little corner of the internet quite bare over the past couple of months. By way of summary I’ve been working on:

  1. The 10 Minute Guide to Product Management for Artificial Intelligence — my new book!
  2. The AIPMCoursea driver of sales for the above
  3. Digital Coffeeweekly newsletter, now on it’s 30th issue! 

A blend of the three above have caused me to become a bit lethargic when it comes to here. That said, I have tonnes of drafts and ideas for blog posts that I want to get out: 

  1. The proliferation of product management within asset managers & banks
  2. Life’s a game — the basics of game theory and strategy
  3. Thinking from first principles — how to start to looking at things differently
  4. Health series — from healthy diet to exercise and how to sleep

Hopefully I can start to carve out some time to write the posts above (and so much more) — whilst also being able to paint, live my life and enjoy the present.

A bit of a ‘non-post’ but just wanted to check back in here and dust off the cobwebs. 

See you soon!