A closer look at startup metrics

by Scott Taylor
16th January 2018
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Three posts in two days, what is happening!?

This is actually the normal flow of my blog. I’ll remember that I should be writing on here – write a bunch of posts for a little while, then forget. Rinse and repeat. If I were to learn from my mistakes, I’d write a bunch of posts and then schedule them so that they’re published in a consistent even manner, then there’s no peaks and troughs.

Back to the post, I wanted to tell you about Dissection.

Dissection is simply a place where I can write a little more analytically about startups.

I’m fascinated by the metrics, the drivers, and the dynamics behind startups. What makes them successful, what problems could they have avoided. Are they being dishonest etc.

I’m aiming to write one long form report per month. Perhaps more as and when the team grows.

I should note that it was created just for fun, and to give me another outlet to write about the stuff I enjoy. Don’t take it too seriously. Further I won’t be writing about any startups or industries in which there is a conflict of interest.